Automatic Image Duplication & Manipulation Detection in Scientific Publications

Proofig harnesses the power of computer vision, image processing, and artificial intelligence to ensure image integrity in scientific publications via the editorial process.

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Protect your journal impact factor & reputation from image plagiarism.

With over 2.5 million scientific manuscripts published each year (1), it's not surprising that thousands of manuscripts are disqualified and ~35,000 articles (from 2009 to 2016) are at risk of retraction post-publication due to image duplication, image manipulation, or visual plagiarism (2). The damage caused by a post-publication retraction - including investigations and legal costs - is estimated at over $1 million per single article (3)!

(1) The STM Report, Fourth Edition March 2015.
(2) Bik EM, et all., Analysis and correction of inappropriate image duplication: the Molecular and Cellular Biology Experience. Mol Cell Bio. 2018; 38 (20).
(3) Arthur M. Michalek et al., The Costs and Underappreciated Consequences of Research Misconduct: A Case Study, PLoS Med. 2010; 7(8)

Analyze entire research articles in minutes

Say goodbye to days-long manual processes for image comparison. Proofig’s SaaS platform allows customers to easily upload documents for analysis and issue detection (e.g. duplication, manipulation, paper mill), or to utilize its functionality at scale as part of automatic peer review processes using APIs via the editorial management system. Proofig issues a full report on each article within minutes.

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Save millions by automatically analyzing your draft scientific articles with Proofig

Proofig saves publishers and research institutes millions of dollars by automating manual detection processes that significantly reduce the likelihood of image integrity issues. Proofig does it all in advance, prior to peer review and publication, sparing you the costly aftermath.

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Proofig is Trusted by Leading Publishers, Research Institutes, and Researchers

Proofig is a technology platform developed by scientists, for scientists. We understand the immense amount of work that goes into each research paper, as well as the irreparable damage to that work and to publications’ reputations from costly human errors and inadequate editorial review processes.

Hear what renowned editors & scientists are saying about Proofig

"Significant damage is caused by image duplication even when they are innocent mistakes. Therefore, I'm happy to provide my department with the peace of mind that comes with knowing our manuscripts' images have been properly verified pre-publication using Proofig, and only manuscripts with no mistakes will follow for publication".

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Professor Ofer Mandelboim

Head of the Department of Immunology and Cancer Research

Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine, Israel

The 4 Stages Of Proofig

Upload your PDF

file to Proofig’s

private and secured servers.

Review to ensure all relevant

subimages are selected

Review suspected issues and add

the relevant findings to the report (e.g.

duplication, manipulation).

All done.

You are ready to Make

an informed decision.








Get The




Suspected Issues

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4 stages of Proofig - Proofig logo.png


Using AI to automatically select all relevant subimages.

Using deep technology to compare

all subimages to all other subimages

 and warn of suspected issues.

Producing a PDF report

for you.

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Proofig tool for academic that detect Image duplication & manipulation, and plagiarism in research paper in the stage before scientific journal publication
Icon for the text about Proofig State-of-the-art technology for detection of visual integrity issues

State-of-the-art technology for detection of visual

integrity issues​

Icon for the text about Proofig A full report within minutes with references to duplications and alterations

A full report within minutes with references to

duplications and alterations

Icon for the text about Proofig Guaranteed confidentiality - we're here to protect the reputation of the scientific community