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The Many Sources of Image Integrity Issues

Don’t say “it won’t happen to me”, at least before you know how it can happen…

Image duplications are one of the current hot topics in the life sciences community.

Rather than dismissing it and believing it might be only the problem of the unprofessional, try and think – how can I be sure my work is held to the highest of standards?

Image Integrity Issues

Sources of Image Integrity Issues

To answer that question, first you should know that some figure duplications can happen unintentionally.

Image duplications within the same article may also occur incidentally, when a moment of absent-mindedness can lead to mixing up files, confusing between similar captures or misplacing the designated images.


Whether you are a scientist, an author, or an editor – always be on the lookout for possible duplicates. Even the most thorough peer review process can sometimes miss few issues, as comparing multiple sub-images might be impossible for the human eye – even within the same article.


This is why we at Proofig try to set your mind at ease. We offer a quick scan of the entire manuscript to make sure all sub-images are distinct, pointing out even the smallest of duplications.

You can learn more about Proofig here

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