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April 2022

Proofig launches first commercial automated image duplication and manipulation detection software for scientific publications

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To provide publishers, universities and scientific researchers with a tool to check image integrity before submission, Dr. Dror Kolodkin-Gal, founder of Proofig, have launched an automated image integrity detection software. This automated artificial intelligence (AI) tool detects the majority of forms of image duplication and some of the manipulation. Publishers and researchers can use the tool to accurately check images before submission, reducing the risk of post publication retraction.

Proofig’s software extracts images from papers and compares each image to itself to find duplications in images and all images to one another to find duplications between images. It will also compare each flipped image with the other images in the uploaded files to look for cases of flipped images, checking a typical paper in minutes.


Publishers such as the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) have already integrated Proofig’s software into their review processes. Universities are also benefitting from the technology. 

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Dec 2021

Nature: Journals adopt AI to spot duplicated images in manuscripts

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Oct 2021

SAGE Publishing Integrate Proofig's Solution

To ensure its published scientific manuscripts include reliable and undistorted images, global academic publisher SAGE Publishing, is now using software from image-proofing technology expert, Proofiger Ltd. SAGE publishing will use Proofig software for pre-publishing analytics on five of its life science journals to provide quick detection of any sub-image duplications or manipulations prior to publication.

“Proofig offers our editorial team the peace of mind that problematic images will be found in manuscripts before they are published,” explained Helen King, Head of Transformation at SAGE Publishing. “In the future, checking for image errors and plagiarism will become a standard part of publisher workflows, so by implementing Proofig software SAGE will be ahead of the curve.” 

We are more than honored to be chosen by an outstanding publisher such as SAGE to take part in the important change led by the life science publishing community, affirming the responsibility we all take to prevent image integrity issues in research papers. 

Jul 2021

ASCI Integrate Proofig's Solution

Eye analyzing photo to describe the new collaboration between ASCI and Proofig

The American Society for Clinical Investigation has chosen to integrate Proofig in order to ensure image integrity in their future publications in their journals JCI & JCI Insight.


We look forward to our new collaboration as we are honored to be chosen as a screening software by one of the leading medical journals publishers.

Our Proofig team is set on a mission to improve publication integrity, and we are always grateful when given the chance to do so

Feb 2021

AACR Integration with Proofig solution for image manipulation & duplication detection.png
  • At Proofig, we're pleased to announce that AACR, the first and largest organization in the world dedicated to advances in all areas of high-quality, innovative cancer research, has integrated the Proofig solution to detect image duplication and modification prior to publication.

  • The Proofig SaaS Solution harnesses the power of computer vision, image processing, and artificial intelligence to ensure image integrity in scientific publications and to protect the reputation of scientists and the scientific community.

  • We are delighted to serve such a prominent organization, contributing to strengthening the integrity and QA of the scientific publication process.

Nov 2020

Proofig launched automatic SaaS service for publishers

Proofig software detected Image plagiarism (duplication) via peer review process of academic journal editors.png
  • Proofig has launched a new SaaS platform to serve editors, research institutions, and researchers, who can upload their articles and receive a full analysis report within minutes.

  • Publication review processes for image integrity (duplication, manipulation & paper mill) have never been so easy, fast and effective. Proofig enables publishers to utilize its functionalities at scale as part of automatic review processes using APIs.

May 2020

Proofig features in Nature

  • Proofig in Nature: At Proofig, we're delighted that the world's top scientific publishers are discussing the pressing need to address the problem of image duplication and manipulation and we're very proud to be named among the pioneers of image-proofing technology to ensure scientific publications’ integrity by Nature