Feb 2021

AACR integrated the Proofig solution

  • At Proofig, we're pleased to announce that AACR, the first and largest organization in the world dedicated to advances in all areas of high-quality, innovative cancer research, has integrated the Proofig solution to detect image duplication and modification prior to publication.

  • The Proofig SaaS Solution harnesses the power of computer vision, image processing, and artificial intelligence to ensure image integrity in scientific publications and to protect the reputation of scientists and the scientific community.

  • We are delighted to serve such a prominent organization, contributing to strengthening the integrity and QA of the scientific publication process.

Nov 2020

Proofig launched automatic SaaS service for publishers

  • Proofig has launched a new SaaS platform to serve editors, research institutions, and researchers, who can upload their articles and receive a full analysis report within minutes.

  • Publication review processes for image integrity (duplication, manipulation & paper mill) have never been so easy, fast and effective. Proofig enables publishers to utilize its functionalities at scale as part of automatic review processes using APIs.

Act quickly, and stay ahead of the game with this amazing new development!

Ensure The Highest Quality

Protect Your Reputation

Save Your Time


May 2020

Proofig in the Media

  • Proofig in Nature.com: At Proofig, we're delighted that the world's top scientific publishers are discussing the pressing need to address the problem of image duplication and manipulation and we're very proud to be named among the pioneers of image-proofing technology to ensure scientific publications’ integrity by Nature

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