Proofig offers researchers, institutes and publishing houses automated figure image proofing


Powered by advanced digital image analysis, Proofig identifies duplicate and manipulate images within scientific articles. Proofig's algorithm classifies images into their common scientific types. It accurately identifies image features and performs a robust comparison of those elements to detect any possible image or partial image duplication, guaranteeing duplication detection superior to current manual and automated services.



* Proofig provides duplication detection for the vast majority of the relevant images. 



Publish articles with a certificate for error-free images, protect the journal's reputation and impact factor.

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Protect the reputation of the research institute, its principal investigators and lab managers.

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Innovative P.I.s who appreciate the value of flawless article submission, which controls for image quality right alongside zero tolerance to verbal typos. Contact us.

Trusted by the Scientific Community

 "Significant damage is caused by image duplication even when they are innocent mistakes. Therefore, I'm happy to provide my department with the peace of mind that comes with knowing our manuscripts' images have been properly verified pre-publication using Proofig, and only manuscripts with no mistakes will follow for publication".

Professor Ofer Mandelboim, Head of the department of Immunology and Cancer Research, Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine, Israel.

"I am so excited to follow the rapid evolution of Proofig for research needs.

It is a great tool used in my lab for internal quality control prior to publication.

Proofig is a terrific tool drawing the new standard for evaluating the authenticity of manuscripts and I am sure that journal editors will also benefit from using this exciting innovation".

Dr. Aviv Domvrovsky, Head, Plant pathology department, ARO. The Volcani Center.

Associate Editor Phytoparasitica, Springer.

"The accuracy of scientific data presented in publications is vital for the development of better technology and medicine to support our society. I found that Proofig can precisely identify mistakes in manuscripts in a fine resolution and with short time. This software should become standard of work in scientific publication pipeline to produce the knowledge society is striving for".

Dr. Erez Pery, Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Our diverse team, led by senior life science researchers, computer vision experts, and digital SaaS product leaders formed Proofig both to improve the way scientists conduct their research and to help researchers, institutes and publishers, ensure the highest standards of quality.

We believe that using our advanced automated software we can streamline research processes, and obtain better research results.

Proofig is led by the founder  Dr. Dror Kolodkin-Gal, Ph.D. 

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