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Proofig AI:
Publish with peace of mind

AI-powered automated image proofing for scientific publications, trusted by the world’s top researchers, publishers, and research institutes

Comparison of six microscopy samples revealing an instance of plagiarism. One of the images has been altered through cropping and scaling, indicating a case of academic dishonesty. This visual evidence highlights the need for integrity in scientific research and emphasizes the importance of originality and accurate representation of data in scholarly endeavors.

Ensuring the highest standards of quality and image integrity in your publications with Proofig AI

Image Integrity Challenges

Explore the common risks associated with image manipulation in scientific research.

Four microscopy images compared; one flipped, indicating data manipulation.
Comparison of four microscopy images; one shows signs of cropping and rotation
This image shows four western blot bands, with two of them displayed at an angle, indicating rotation
This image displays four western blot bands, two of which are flipped, altering their original orientation.
Image depicting a Spliced Western Blot, enhanced with a histogram equalization filter to emphasize its features.
Flow Cytometry Plots (FACS
Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 5.21_edited.jpg

Our Partners

Discover Proofig's Partner: Elsevier Collaboration for Enhanced Research
Springer Nature Collaboration: Strengthening Research Efforts with Proofig Partnership
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Proofig Partner Highlight: AACR's Contribution to Cutting-Edge Cancer Studies
Discover Proofig's Collaboration with the Royal Society for Chemistry: Advancing Scientific Analysis and Research
Exploring the Proofig-ASCI Publication Partnership: Advancing Research and Knowledge through Collaborative Synergy

 Join Our trusted leading scientific publishers to maintain the authenticity of published research

Discover Proofig's Collaboration with Acme Biologists: Elevating Image Quality and Plagiarism Detection in Biology Research
Unveiling the Proofig-Mary Ann Liebert, Inc Collaboration: Advancing Image Analysis in Scientific Publishing
Compuscript Partners with Proofig for Image Quality Services and Plagiarism Detectio
Exploring the Proofig-SAGE Publication Partnership: Advancing Research and Knowledge through Collaborative Synergy
Proofig and FSG Join Forces: Enhancing Image Quality Services and Plagiarism Detection
Exploring the Proofig-Taylor & Francis Partnership: Advancing Scientific Image Analysis and Research Integrity

Our Solutions

Proofig AI utilizes a vast database exclusively for detecting plagiarism, while also identifying duplications and manipulations within individual manuscripts.

alteration without eraser higer quality.png

Alteration & Manipulation

Detection of Alteration or Manipulation Within a Single Sub-Image, Including Cloning, Editing, Deletion, and Splicing.

duplication and reuse.png

Duplication & Reuse

Detection of Duplication or Reuse Within a Single Manuscript, Including Scaling, Rotation, Flipping, Full and Partial Overlap, and Additional Irregularities.

dekel_proofig Icon Project-03.png

PubMed Source Plagiarism

Detection of Reuse of Sub-Images From Published Manuscripts (Plagiarism). Utilizing PubMed's Source database, which contains tens of millions of images.

icon of AI with new update v3.png

AI Generated

Detection of AI-Generated Images. Identifies images created by the most widely used model, with continuous updates for new models.

Customize Your Journey

Find the perfect Proofig solution for your role. Click below to explore services that best suit your professional requirements.

Why Choose Proofig?

This image features an icon of a clock, symbolizing the time-saving benefits offered by using the Proofig solution

Save Time

Save valuable time by analyzing entire papers in minutes

Reduce human errors

Perform accurate analysis of manuscripts and reduce human errors

This image features an icon of a shield, representing the commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality and protection.

Ensure the highest standards of quality

Ensure the highest standards of quality and image integrity with Proofig AI

This image shows a lock icon, symbolizing the guaranteed confidentiality and security provided by the system.

Enjoy guaranteed confidentiality

Check papers with guaranteed confidentiality

Proofig is the only Solution that:

  • FACS Analysis: Offers detailed analysis of Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) images.

  • Western Blot Analysis: Detects alterations or manipulations such as band splicing, blot addition, and blot removal.

  • AI-Generated Image Detection: Identifies AI-generated images, ensuring cutting-edge integrity.

  • Forensic Analysis Tools: Includes advanced tools for thorough forensic analysis.

  • Manual Page and Image Analysis: Provides tools for detailed manual page and image analysis.

  • Admin System Usage Module: Offers a robust admin system usage module for enterprise-level control.

  • Customer Success Management: Assigns a dedicated Customer Success Manager to support and train users.

  • Wide Adoption: Trusted and deployed by major publishers and universities, ensuring reliable performance.

  • Industry Recognition: Recognized by leading research integrity officers and institutions.

Data Privacy and Security

At Proofig, we prioritize the privacy and security of our users' data. Here's how we protect your information:

  • Training Data: Our system is trained exclusively using material we have developed and open-source content designated for commercial use, ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards.

  • User Data: We do not use user-uploaded manuscripts to train our models. Uploaded data is solely analyzed for image integrity issues and to generate reports.

  • Confidentiality: All analyses are conducted on private, secure servers. Your manuscripts and reports remain fully confidential and are not used for other purposes.

By adhering to these protocols, Proofig ensures your data is protected while maintaining high standards of image integrity analysis

Multiple image sources

Proofig AI can auto-detect multiple image sources: including microscopies (confocal, light, fluorescence, and electron), histology slides, pathology slides, Western blot bands, gel electrophoresis, flow cytometry (FC), fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS), cell culture, in-vitro, in-vivo, and more. Proofig stands unique as the only tool that detects issues with FACS images and AI-generated images. The scientific community can use the technology to proactively check images at any stage of the writing or publishing process.

Biology research techniques: microscopy, Western blots, FACS, and cell cultures
Anchor 1
Microscopy slide
Six microscopy images compared; showing cropping and scaling manipulations

Protect your scientific reputation 

With over 2.5 million scientific manuscripts published each year (1), over 35,000 articles (from 2009 to 2016) are at risk of retraction after publication due to image duplication, image manipulation, or image plagiarism (2).

In fact, the percentage of manuscripts flagged up for image-related problems ranges from 20 to 35 percent (3). This means there are hundreds of thousands of papers published with image issues in a year! Each mistake can have harmful results for all parties involved, even if it will be subject to post-publication correction. 


The damage caused by a post-publication retraction — including investigations and legal costs — is estimated at over $1 million per article (4)!

(1) The STM Report, Fourth Edition March 2015.
(2) Bik EM, et all., Analysis and correction of inappropriate image duplication: the Molecular and Cellular Biology Experience. Mol Cell Bio. 2018; 38 (20).

(3) Jana Christopher (Image Data Integrity Analyst bei FEBS Press) : Expert-interviews, UKRIO.
(4) Arthur M. Michalek et al., The Costs and Underappreciated Consequences of Research Misconduct: A Case Study, PLoS Med. 2010; 7(8)

Checking images manually is time-consuming and not always accurate. Proofig’s SaaS platform allows customers to easily upload documents for analysis and image plagiarism detection, checking a paper and providing a full report in minutes.

Anyone in research, such as authors, editors, publishers and ethics committees, can use the system for automated review processes, completing image integrity checks rapidly and efficiently.

Proofig analyses papers in minutes

Set of four microscopy images, each with a distinct 180-degree rotational feature.
Four microscopy images with 180-degree rotation, prompting questions about data accuracy.

The benefits of image integrity AI software

Automating the image review process enables users to check images prior to peer review and publication. This ensures that all research is credible and protects the reputations of all parties involved.

Proactively checking image integrity also reduces the risk of costly investigations and retractions after publication. Investing in Proofig enables the scientific community to save millions that it can then invest in further research.

The Four Stages of Proofig

proofig four steps.png
Software Demo
Photo of Jana Christopher

“Image integrity issues in the scientific literature are more prevalent than many readers would expect, and notably so in the life sciences. In recent years, an increasing number of scientific journals have adopted pre-publication image screening. Expertise in this area has developed, whilst the need for reliable and user-friendly automated tools to screen large volumes of image data at scale has grown accordingly.  

I have found Proofig to be impressively strong in detecting duplications and part-duplications in Western blots and microscopy images. It works fairly quickly and reliably across several figures, whilst being robust to rotation, flipping, resizing, and colour changes. The makers recently also added Flow Cytometry plots to their catalogue of screen-able image types.


The system automatically generates a report summarizing individual, selectable findings in a clear manner, and users can also re-visit previously screened items in their own database. Whilst it remains essential for an experienced user to verify and interpret individual findings, I believe Proofig is a very valuable tool for duplication detection, and suited to effectively assist journals’ image integrity screening routines”.

Jana Christopher

Image Data Integrity Analyst


Hear what renowned editors and scientists are saying about Proofig:

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